MX70 Chair

The MX70 classic chair was Remploy’s original polypropylene chair and remains unique in the UK as it’s the only one piece polypropylene chair to have the steel frame running up the back of the shell. It is fair to say that this could be viewed as being over engineered but the end result is simply the strongest most resilient polypropylene chair in the market, a feature which has seen it favoured in the most demanding severe contract use environments over the years and must be a consideration in any situation where a chair has got to last no matter what it encounters.

  • Flint frame as standard, silver optional extra
  • Heavy duty seat
  • Hardwearing feet
  • 'A' frame design gives vertical stacking for space saving
  • Two seat height options
    • 430mm : size mark 5
    • 460mm : size mark 6
  • UK designed and manufactured
  • Anti-slip grained seat and back
  • Fully welded steel tube frame, with strengthened seat and back supports
  • Suitable for severe contract usage
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Flexible and suitable for the most severe environments
  • Range of options available with linking and fitted seat/back pads

Shell Colours

blue grey black brown red new green standard green

Frame Colours

Flint Silver

NOTE: There is an additional cost for the silver frame.

MX70 Chair Overall Dimensions

Size ​Seat Height ​Width Depth Overall Height
5 430mm ​463mm ​475mm 770mm
6 460mm ​463mm ​480mm 790mm
MX70 green MX70 in classroom MX70 grey stacked MX70 grey back MX70 blue upholstered