About Reinspire

Reinspire is a sub brand of Hille who have been manufacturing polypropylene education furniture since the early 1970’s. The brand was created in December 2013 following the purchase of the manufacturing rights and tooling from Remploy Furniture for the GH20, MX24, MX70, MX05 and MX08 ranges. The exact specifications and colour options remain unchanged allowing establishments with these models already in place to purchase further furniture which matches in perfectly to ensure a co-ordinated environment.

In the product descriptions on this website we will also attempt to convey some of the unique features of the products that make’s them so perfect for many different environments and a great option to new purchasers as well as existing.

All Reinspire products are UK manufactured in our factory in South Wales, from the moulding of the polypropylene shells to the bending and welding of the steel frames, all backed by our 10 year warranty for peace of mind.