MX24 Chair

The MX24 chair is the original 2 piece polypropylene chair offering a durable and attractive option to a whole range of environments whether it be schools, church halls, hospitals amongst many others. This sturdy chair range stacks and is available in a range of colours and even has a matching range of stools in the MX05 and MX08 for perfect co-ordination.

The fully welded A frame design is constructed in 22mm high tensile steel on the main frame as opposed to the 19mm normally found on this type of product. This ensures the ultimate durability especially when coupled with the chairs strengthened seat and back supports.

  • Traditional 2 piece design
  • Heavy duty seat
  • Flint frame as standard, silver optional extra
  • Hardwearing feet
  • ’A’ frame design gives vertical stacking for space efficiency
  • Stackable
  • Five seat height options
    • 310mm : size mark 2
    • 350mm : size mark 3
    • 380mm : size mark 4
    • 430mm : size mark 5
    • 460mm : size mark 6
  • Fully welded steel tube frame, with strengthened seat and back supports
  • Flexible and suitable for most environments

Shell Colours

blue grey black brown red new green standard green

Frame Colours

Flint Silver

NOTE: There is an additional cost for the silver frame.

MX24 Chair Overall Dimensions

Size ​Seat Height ​Width Depth Overall Height
2 310mm 348mm 336mm 547mm
3 350mm 348mm 358mm 583mm
4 380mm 403mm 389mm 677mm
5 430mm ​403mm ​452mm 745mm
6 460mm ​403mm ​452mm 765mm
MX24 blue stacked MX24 blue MX24 classroom