GH20 Chair

The GH20 chair was Remploy’s main education polypropylene chair range and is available in 6 different heights to suit all age ranges. As well as being very comfortable and durable the GH range is very well proportioned. At just 450mm as a total width on the larger sizes it is perfect for any environment where space is at a premium and it manages this without sacrificing comfort for the user. In a classroom this means that 2 adult height GH20 chairs will easily fit under an 1100mm desk and in an assembly hall the width saving of around 20mm over standard offerings really makes a difference as to possible sitting numbers when multiplied over hundreds of chairs.

  • 10 year gurarantee
  • Width of 450mm gives extreme space saving over other models
  • Sturdy one-piece polypropylene chair
  • UK designed and manufactured
  • Six seat height options
  • Flint epoxy powder coated steel frame standard
  • Silver frame optional extra
  • Stackable
  • Comfortable moulded seat
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Range of options available with swivel chairs, skid base, writing tablets, linking, seat/back pads etc

Shell Colours

blue grey black brown red new green standard green

Frame Colours

Flint Silver

NOTE: There is an additional cost for the silver frame.

GH20 Chair Overall Dimensions

Size ​Seat Height ​Width Depth Overall Height
1 260mm 365mm 330mm 480mm
2 310mm 365mm 350mm 530mm
3 350mm 365mm 371mm 590mm
4 380mm 401mm 444mm 655mm
5 430mm ​450mm ​487mm 740mm
6 460mm ​450mm ​487mm 760mm

GH20 Skid Chair Overall Dimensions

Size ​Seat Height ​Width Depth Overall Height
5 430mm ​490mm ​487mm 740mm
6 460mm ​490mm ​487mm 760mm
GH20 blue GH20 blue skidbase GH20 black GH20 blue with table GH20 swivel GH20 all colours GH20 classroom GH20 blue stacked GH20 red upholstered